Coaching that helps you go from where  you are now to where you want to be as quickly and easily as possible.
Work 1 on 1 EVERY DAY with 
Charlie Page
For years I have provided consulting to members and clients. And it has worked wonderfully well. In fact, over 4000 individual members and clients have been served. 

But I noticed that having ONE CALL with me was sometimes not enough to get the job done. 

It only makes sense. People have many questions.

So I started a coaching program for those who have an ongoing need for coaching

Let me tell you how this works so you can decide if it is a good fit for you. 

If this is for you let me encourage you to order now. I can only work with 10 people at a time so spaces go very quickly.

Here is how it works.
  • INITIAL MEETING: During this one hour meeting, which will be recorded for you, we will set the stage for your progress. You can update me on where you stand now and help me see where you want to go. From there we will map out a plan to get you there quickly and easily. (This is a $500 Value)
  • WE CAN DISCUSS ANYTHING: Whether your need is to drive traffic, write copy, build a funnel, map out a strategy, recruit affiliates, or anything else, I can help. So EVERYTHING is on the table. As many projects as you need. (This Is Priceless!)
  •  WEEKLY CALL: We will have a one hour call every week to make sure we are on track, are making measurable progress, and are hitting YOUR goals and objectives. (This is a $2000 Value)
  • DAILY VOXER OR EMAIL: You can message me via Voxer once per day with any question you have about any topic. I will reply the same day in almost all cases. See below if you don't know Voxer yet. If you prefer email, you can send one question per day via email instead of using Voxer. (This is a $5000 Value)
Why Voxer?
Click image to learn more about Voxer.
Voxer is a FREE APP for your smart phone or computer.
Voxer is a free technology that allows you to leave a voice message using your computer or smart phone. 

These messages are 100% encrypted and secure.

The reason I use Voxer is that Voxer completely STOPS the problem of playing "phone tag"

When you have a question, you just pick up your smart phone, ask your question, and look forward to a reply. 

No waiting. No phone tag. No undelivered emails.

These messages can be transcribed into text and are saved for future reference if you want them.
Here is my commitment to you.

If you are serious about success and willing to work with me, I will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goal. 

That means I will encourage you, teach you, listen to you, make very specific recommendations and, sometimes, give you the push from behind that you need to move ahead. 

If you are ready for results, order now. We could be talking as soon as tomorrow!
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Coaching available every day Monday - Friday
*First two months are collected up front ($3k/mon). This is my way of making sure you're committed to the change. Then, continue as you please...
Because I am selling you my time there can be no refunds on this offer.
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